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Badon (Mons Badonicus) possibly near Bath* (Bath-Hill, Wellow) in 493 A. or 516 although many other sites have been suggested. Lincoln) vi) Bassas vii) Celidon (Catcoitcelidon) The forest of Celidon in Scotland viii) Castellen Gunnon ix) Caerlegion (City of the legion, Caerwent or Chester)- see latest hypothesis x)Trebuit (river) possibly at Caerleon. About 30 years later, probably as a result of the popularity of Monmouth's work 'Rex Arturus' was depicted in a mosaic on the floor of Otranto Cathedral, Southern Italy [1163-1166]: In the 1190's Hugh de Morville of Cumberland & Westmorland is said to have taken the local story of Arthur in written form to the Continent when he replaced King Richard of England as a hostage of the Austrians.