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Set an image base other than [SWITCH][/SWITCH]40000 in Project Options / Linker2. Verify that the correct image base is saved in the DPROJ file4. "Compléter la classe sous le curseur" not grayed but doesn't do anything and so should be grayed. 244356, looks like similar issue.]1) I bring up an out of the box (well, as downloaded) copy of the Delphi personality on a freshly booted machine. 3) Open the Windows Unit and the Classes Unit 4) Have Task Manager running so you can follow the Mem Usage of 5) When looking at the Windows Unit, you should see three Error Insight messages (QC51111). A ICEVIEW COMMENT for simplify steps1.bcc32 -D_DEBUG; NO_STRICT;_RTLDLL -v G -c -v -w- Class File Stream.cpp[ if -v G AND __RTLDLL is removed from the command line then there is no ICE ]Code Gear C 5.92 for Win32 Copyright (c) 1993, 2007 Code Gear..\Common\Class File Stream.cpp: Fatal F1004 \Class File 429: Internal compiler error at 0x493196 with base 0x400000 in function File Stream:: Open(const char *,const char *,bool)Fatal F1004 ..\Common\Class File 429: Internal compiler error in function File Stream:: Open(const char *,const char *,bool)OLD STEPSUsing subversion download the open source project version 99. Open the classbuilder project (Cry Lib\crylib\src\Borland) and build it. are missing.[QC Description]The alternative tokens "and", "or" and "not" etc. According to the C standard, section 2.6, they are required.