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’ Then it turned into modeling into nude modeling into sex scenes. He approached me with the model spiel and ultimately got what he was looking for, me to do some pornography.” Prior to your modeling and adult film career, what did you want to do with your life? When you see something, and you look for a minute, you assume that someone is going to walk in the door so much so that you change it. You’re going to run into some people that you’re like, ‘God, you’re a freaking [expletive].’ I can get along with some people. Surprising, I have met some of the coolest people in this industry that play large roles in my life and are very close to me.” Fan interaction is huge in any entertainment industry. All the different people they have right now and all the different things they have going on, I would have to say it’s my [most favorite] convention. It’s a huge turnout at Exxxotica.” You won the Most Valuable Vagina Award presented by Exxxotica for 2013. “I [freaking] love every type of music you can possibly think of.